The world of Lashnaru was once the home of a vast human empire. So highly knowledgeable were their intelligentsia, and so great was their discontent with the bounds of their world that they designed and built fleets of spelljamming vessels so that they might find new worlds to rule over. At its height, the Lashnaru Empire controlled five worlds including Lashnaru itself.

It has been more than three centuries since that grand empire fell. The descendants of the Humans fleeing the Empire’s fall still live amoung the Elves and Dwarves. Without the Empire’s power, the Orcs freely filled in the void it left. Since then the Elves, Dwarves and displaced Humans fight the Orcs time and again, trying to survive their growing numbers.

The most recent reports indicate that the tribal Orcs living on the south-western coast are fleeing en masse towards their cousins ruling in the continental interior, passing right through The Forests of the Elves. Such fearful behaviour is unprecedented amoung the Orcs, and one wonders what new danger on the coast is causing it.

The Dead Empire of Lashnaru

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