The Orcs of Lashnaru have long been a nuisance to the more civilised races, but it’s only in the last 300 years or so that they have been a real threat, their rise coinciding with the Empire’s fall.

Present day Orcs can be divided into two categories: Tribal and Continental.

Tribal Orcs are very primitive in comparison to their Continental cousins. Their tribes exist primarily along the south-western coast of the continent, bordering on The Forests of the Elves. These Orcs more often fight amongst themselves, with only a motivated few raiding Elven settlements.

The Continental Orcs are one of the greatest foes the civilised races have ever faced, having about as much skill in state management as Humans. The current borders of their domain, The Scourgelands, extend over a large part of the former Empire. They have managed to keep the combined forces of the allied races at bay through superior numbers and comparable levels of organisation.


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